The Environmental Defenders Office offers professional development for lawyers, environmental decision-makers and others working in the environmental and planning sphere. We also regularly conduct community workshops on environmental law.

CPD seminars

Our professional development seminars focus on our public interest test cases and what they will mean for lawyers, planners and your clients in the future, as well as important updates on environmental, planning and administrative law. 

We also deliver seminars on major law reforms to help you ensure you are up to speed on the latest developments in environmental, planning and administrative law.

You can claim CPD points for all our professional development seminars. 

Tailored training for your workplace

We can tailor a professional development program to suit your workplace, offer half and full-day options and travel to you.

All funds raised by our professional development program go towards our core work of helping the community protect the environment through law. 

Community workshops

Community workshops are tailored to meet the needs of the participants, but emphasise practical application of the information.

We also conduct seminars focusing on new and emerging environmental law issues. We invite relevant experts from a range of backgrounds to provide different perspectives on the topic and promote discussion.

For more information, please contact us.