Are you a landholder interested in helping threatened species and ecosystems recover from the bushfires? 

Following the devastating 2019-2020 bushfires, landholders are in a unique position to contribute meaningfully to bushfire recovery and the long-term protection of biodiversity across NSW through private land conservation. 

EDO, in collaboration with WWF-Australia, hosted a free, introductory webinar in May 2022 on private land conservation for landholders in bushfire-affected areas across the east coast.  

Click below to hear from EDO, WWF-Australia, Biodiversity Conservation Trust, Humane Society International and Community Environment Network on the benefits of private land conservation, the options available and how to get involved.  

For more information, our Nature team has prepared a companion guide to assist landholders interested in private land conservation. Download the guide here.

This webinar is produced as part of our Defending the Unburnt collaboration with WWF-Australia.


  • Jemilah Hallinan, Environmental Defenders Office 
  • Dr Stuart Blanch, WWF-Australia 
  • Kate Smillie and Tobi Edmonds, Biodiversity Conservation Trust 
  • Helen Church, Humane Society International 
  • John Asquith, Community Environment Network