An extraordinary gift from extraordinary individuals.

Leaving a gift in your will is an important legacy from forward-thinking people like you to future generations, who will need a strong legal voice for the environment to face the challenges to come.

It’s one of the most effective ways you can protect our environment well into the future.

Your gift can ensure that individuals, community groups and your favourite environmental organisations have access to justice, so they can use the law to defend communities and unique landscapes across Australia and the Pacific, and protect our climate and generations to come.

An extraordinary gift, no matter how big or small, provides vital funds that will contribute to local communities fighting for a better, healthier, more sustainable environment and climate well into the future. Thank you for considering taking this step for future generations.

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The importance of your will

Your Will is a document that states how you wish your assets to be distributed upon death. Without a will, you allow others to make decisions about your estate. By making (and updating) your will, you ensure that your estate is distributed in the way you wish.

Do I need legal advice?

Your will is a very important document. To ensure that it is legally valid, properly reflects your intentions and is suitable for your circumstances, it should be prepared by a solicitor or trustee company. 

How do I change an existing will?

If you already have a valid will and would like to add to it (e.g. to make a bequest to EDO) you can do so by adding a ‘codicil’. This is a legal document which must be signed and witnessed in the same way as your will. Your solicitor will be able to guide you in adding a codicil to your will. 

How should I word my bequest?

You may wish to use the following standard wording: 

‘I bequeath to EDO (ABN 72 002 880 864) the sum of [or percentage of estate, details of property or shares] for its general purposes.  In the event that such organisation has ceased to exist at the date of my death or has amalgamated with any other organisation then such gift shall not lapse but shall be paid to such amalgamated organisation or in the case of cessation then to such organisation as my Trustee in his/her absolute discretion considers has the like objectives to EDO LtdI declare that the receipt of the Secretary, Treasurer or other proper officer will be a full and absolute discharge to my Executor for the bequest and my Executor will not be bound to see the application of the bequest.’

What type of bequest can I give?

There are several types of bequests you may want to consider after you have thoughtfully provided for your loved ones:

  • A residual gift is often the best option if you have family to provide for, as it ensures your relatives and friends are looked after first. Leaving a residual gift means that after your will has made all necessary provision for relatives, friends and debtors, the residue of your estate (remaining assets) are passed to the organisation and/or individuals named as your residuary beneficiaries. Your residual gift can be left as a specific percentage of the residue of your estate.
  • Leaving a specific percentage of your estate assures that inflation will not reduce the value of the bequest you intended to work for the protection of our environment.
  • You can gift specific items of property (such as jewellery, shares, artwork or real estate) in your will, provided that we are given permission to sell the item to raise cash funds to protect our environment. EDO can also be the sole beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

An important note on property and land bequests. EDO welcomes these bequests, provided we are given permission to sell the land. 

  • You can gift a specific sum of money. Please note that this option is susceptible to value reduction due to inflation, so it will need to be reviewed regularly.
  • EDO can also be the beneficiary of a life insurance or superannuation policy (subject to the terms of the policy).
  • A gift in Memory: you may wish to arrange a gift through your will in memory of a loved one.

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