Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) is the leading environmental law practice in the Australia Pacific Region delivering legal solutions for peoples, nature and our climate. We have a big vision which is a world where nature thrives. We’ve got big ambition about the role we can play in delivering that vision and we’ve got an incredible team across the country working to achieve it.  

We are dedicated to protecting our climate, communities and shared environment by providing access to justice, running ground-breaking litigation and leading law reform advocacy. Over our 30-year combined history we’ve developed a formidable track record of empowering communities and delivering effective protection of the environment through legal services. 

Our Values:

Commitment – We are committed to; a united organisation, to each other, to collaboration, to justice, to our communities and to creating a world where nature thrives.

Diversity – We are respectful of and welcome diversity of; staff, volunteers, offices, environmental regions, communities, stakeholders.

Integrity – We work effectively, efficiently, strategically, professionally and ethically; “justice is in our nature”.

Vision – We lead change and environmental empowerment using innovation, creativity, and courage.

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Current Identified Positions

Since time immemorial, First Nations and Indigenous peoples have been taking care of their Countries in Australia and the Pasifik. These deep understandings, knowledges and experiences are critical to maintaining the health and vitality of Australia and the Pasifik’s unique wildlife and ecosystems. EDO respects these great knowledges, and strongly believes that EDO cannot achieve a world where nature thrives without working alongside First Nations and Indigenous peoples.   

EDO has been doing a lot of internal work in ensuring that EDO is constantly building itself to be as safe as it can for First Nations peoples and aims to become an employer of choice for First Nations peoples. EDO has done this through beginning the establishment of Indigenous leadership at the Executive level, which is guiding EDO to better work alongside First Nations peoples to protect their Countries and waters in Australia and the Torres Strait Islands, and centre understanding of – and respect for – First Nations perspectives in our work. EDO has also built the governance and policy infrastructure within EDO to sustain, whilst continuously improving, culturally safe work practices for all team members, but specifically First Nations team members. This structure includes a First Nations Strategic Advisory Committee, made up of six First Nations community members from across Australia and the Torres Strait Islands who provide strategic guidance to EDO. 

EDO understands that First Nations professionals can bring both their professional skills, as well as their lived experiences as First Nations peoples to their work, which can provide better services to First Nations clients. EDO is very excited to reach the maturity to now safely be able to offer identified positions within EDO, to better serve a large portion of EDOs client base.

First Nations Special Counsel

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If you have queries in regards to any of the above identified positions, please feel free to contact the Director – First Nations Program, Casey Kickett on – first.nat[email protected] for an informal yarn about the position.

Other Current Opportunities

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