Join EDO as we launch our latest policy paper: Empowering the EPA to prevent climate pollution.

Urgent and rapid reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are required to limit global average temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. The NSW Environment Protection Authority is the lead environmental regulator in NSW and is responsible for protecting the quality of our environment and human health.

In line with its key objectives and functions, the EPA can and should ensure GHG emissions are reduced in line with the climate science, using its existing powers to control pollution and waste. In doing so, the EPA would modernise the regulatory framework and set price signals consistent with the polluter pays principle, assisting in an orderly transition to a zero-carbon economy.


David Morris


David is responsible for the delivery of EDO’s public interest environmental legal services. He joined EDO NSW in October 2017 after four years practising public interest environmental law in the Northern Territory as Principal Lawyer and Executive Officer of EDONT.  In August, 2019 David became CEO of the new national EDO.

Cerin Loane

Senior Policy and Law Reform Solicitor 

Cerin joined EDO in Sydney in January 2019 as a Senior Solicitor in the policy and law reform team. Her work includes writing law reform proposals, engaging with government on draft policy and legislation and providing legal advice to EDO clients on a range of environmental issues, including biodiversity conservation, environment and planning and natural resource management.


Head of Policy & Law Reform

Rachel has over 15 years experience working on public interest environmental law and policy in Australia and overseas. She has written extensive law reform submissions and discussion papers and advised governments and NGOs on a range of environmental law issues, including planning, natural resource management and biodiversity laws.

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EDO Webinar 26th November 2020