Policy Submissions

We are active leaders in advocating for sound law and policy to protect the environment at both a state and national level. 

We respond to calls by government for submissions on proposed policy changes affecting the environment. We are also regularly invited by governments to contribute our expertise to parliamentary inquiries, expert panels and reference groups set up to examine aspects of environmental regulation. From time to time we prepare reports and undertake consultancy projects on areas in need of significant reform.

We took an active role in responding to the Federal Government’s plans to devolve its environmental decision-making powers to States (the so-called ‘one stop shop’ policy). We also contributed expert opinion to the development of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and the Draft Basin-wide Environmental Watering Strategy and to the development of the Long-term Sustainability Plan for the Great Barrier Reef. We have also undertaken an assessment of the adequacy of threatened species and planning laws in Australia.

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