Fact Sheets

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Fact Sheets available to download from EDO websites are a useful first step in identifying legal aspects of an environmental problem.

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Read our Fact Sheets on national environmental laws:

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

This Fact Sheet discusses the role of the Commonwealth in environmental protection, the processes involved in Commonwealth assessment of projects, and penalties for failure to obtain appropriate Commonwealth approvals.

This Fact Sheet will be useful for anyone considering embarking on a development or activity which may have a significant impact on a matter of national significance, or anyone concerned about such a proposed development.

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Commonwealth Threatened Species Law

This Fact Sheet explains how nationally listed threatened species and ecological communities are protected under Commonwealth law, which is the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act)

Commonwealth threatened species law operates in parallel to NSW threatened species law. A development or activity may require assessment and approval under both laws. “Threatened species” is a collective term which refers to all the species which are listed, irrespective of their level of endangerment (eg. extinct, endangered, vulnerable, etc)

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Commonwealth Heritage Protection Law

Responsibility for heritage protection in Australia is split between national, state and local governments. The Commonwealth is responsible for World Heritage, National Heritage, and Commonwealth Heritage Places. This Fact Sheet outlines the national laws relating to heritage, including provisions for emergency protection, and how places and objects are protected under national law.

This Fact Sheet will be useful for anyone wishing to nominate a place or object for heritage protection or who is concerned about a place or heritage item under threat. It will also be useful for anyone wishing to undertake a development which may impact upon a place of heritage value or who is considering the export of a heritage object. It gives details of how to apply for license or a permit and the matters that will be considered in assessing the application.

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