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Tiwi Traditional Owner challenges Santos gas project

Tiwi Senior Lawman, Dennis Tipakalippa, took Santos to court, arguing that Santos failed to properly consult the Munupi Clan about its plans to drill the Barossa gas field. Traditional Owners told the court that the project posed a risk to food sources and continuous spiritual connection to Sea Country that has endured for millennia. He won.

Now, Santos have appealed the decision.  Our lawyers are getting ready to defend Dennis’ victory in the Federal Court. 

Youth Verdict’s landmark challenge to Clive Palmer’s coal mine

The Galilee Coal Project is a proposed thermal coal mine that would contribute up to 2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases over the life of the mine.

Two years ago, Youth Verdict launched this groundbreaking case and set out to seize their futures from the threat of this climate change-fuelled disaster. This landmark, First Nations-led case is the first time a coal mine has been challenged on human rights grounds in Australia.

Bushfire Survivors challenge the Narrabri coal mine extension

The Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action launched a legal challenge to the NSW Independent Planning Commission’s (IPC) approval of the extension of Whitehaven Coal’s Narrabri Mine extension.

The IPC’s decision allows Whitehaven Coal to extend operations up to 10km south of its existing mine with a 500m-wide coal seam and extract an additional 82 million tonnes of coal to 2044.

Big polluters have big plans for Australia.

Right now, corporate polluters are forging ahead with around 114 new coal and gas projects across Australia.

If they go ahead, it would lock in decades more carbon pollution and climate disasters.

Our groundbreaking wins have kept millions of tonnes of carbon pollution in the ground, but the scale of new proposals is overwhelming.

We need your help to take on new fossil fuel developments in court.

The law is our last line of defence to stop dangerous new fossil fuel projects

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Can Australia’s wildlife survive more coal and gas?

Coal and gas expansion threatens the survival of our native forests and our beautiful and diverse wildlife. 

Thousands upon thousands of koalas and gang gang cockatoos died in the Black Summer bushfires. Now, both species are endangered.   

In 2018, a heatwave in far north Queensland killed at least 23,000 spectacled flying foxes – around a third of Australia’s entire spectacled flying fox population. 

If more than 100 new coal and gas projects go ahead, it would lock in more climate disasters.

Can our wildlife survive another decade of climate-fuelled heatwaves, floods and mega-fires?

We need your help to urgently take big polluters to court

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The law is our last line of defence to keep harmful fossil fuels in the ground. With the power of donations from people like you, we’ve fought some of the biggest climate battles in Australia, and won.

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Image of Tiwi Elder, Dennis Tipakalippa, and EDO Lawyers.

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