About Us

EDOs of Australia is the country’s only national network of public interest environmental lawyers. The network is made up of eight independent, connected community environmental legal centres.

We provide a unique range of legal services for people and community groups who want to use the law to protect the environment. For more information or legal advice contact your local EDO office.

How can EDOs help?

Our national network of lawyers can provide a range of expert legal services to individuals and organisations across Australia, including:

  • legal advice about the environment, planning, local government, pollution, heritage and natural resources law
  • advocating stronger legal protection for the environment through policy submissions and law reform
  • community legal education programs – including workshops, conferences and training – to explain how the law can be used to protect the environment
  • extensive written resources and materials – including fact sheets, publications and research papers – to help members of the community understand their legal rights and responsibilities  

Affiliations and networks

EDOs are members of the National Association of Community Legal Centres and participate in Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (E-LAW), a group of public interest lawyers, scientists and academics from over 40 countries committed to protecting the environment across borders.