Our client Greenpeace launched a major greenwashing case in the Federal Court against Australia’s biggest energy company, Woodside, on December 14.

Greenpeace alleges that the fossil fuel giant has been misleading and deceiving Australians about the enormous climate harm of its gas and oil projects.

Woodside claims that it cut down on emissions produced from extracting and processing its gas and oil by 11 per cent in 2022. Our client will argue that in reality, Woodside relied heavily on carbon offsets and its actual emissions went up by more than 3 per cent. 

Woodside also publicly claims to have a plan to achieve net zero by 2050.

Yet it fails to mention its target doesn’t apply to Scope 3 emissions which make up over 90 per cent of Woodside’s carbon pollution.

Not only that, but instead of cutting down on its pollution, Woodside is actively ramping up its fossil fuel production with new gas projects like the Burrup Hub in Western Australia – the most polluting fossil fuel project currently proposed in Australia. 

Net zero is entirely incompatible with continued investment in fossil fuels, and our client says Woodside must be held to account for these allegedly deceptive and misleading claims.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO, David Ritter says:

“Woodside is treating the Australian public and its shareholders like mugs.

“We’re now asking the Federal Court to rule that Woodside’s claims are misleading. These should be corrected and the fossil fuel giant should be prevented from making these claims.

“Greenpeace won’t stand idly by as Australia’s biggest climate threat – a company that is profiteering from climate devastation – buries the truth about its impact in the fineprint.”