An Australian multi-faith organisation has made a complaint to the advertising standards body about environmental and climate claims made by Bravus Australia, the domestic arm of the global coal giant, the Adani Group. [1] 

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) has through its lawyers, the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO), complained to the advertising regulator that many statements on Bravus Australia’s website are potentially false or misleading. [2]  

Bravus Australia is the trading name of Adani Australia Pty Ltd, part of the Adani Group and owner of the Carmichael coal mine in Central Queensland. The company expects production from that mine will reach 30Mt in the next few years. [3] 

ARRCC believes that Bravus Australia is in breach of advertising standards because the company falsely claims: 

  • It is leading the transition to clean energy and net zero;  
  • It is exclusively or predominantly a solar energy company; and  
  • It operates sustainably, adhering to environmental best practice. 

“These claims are misleading and damaging greenwash,” said ARRCC President Thea Ormerod. “Adani is one of the most aggressively expansionist fossil fuel developers in the world and has a reputation for repeated environmental breaches.   

“If all the coal Adani has access to is dug up and burnt, it will generate 10 gigatonnes of CO2. That is more than a quarter of global energy-related carbon emissions in 2021. [4] 

“Some of Bravus’s claims are grotesquely untruthful and should not be permitted to stand. 

“Climate heating is already at dangerous levels, with bushfires and storms destroying people’s lives  around the world. It is contributing to poorer health outcomes, food scarcity, sea level rise, regional conflicts and the loss of hope among our young.  

“We need real action on climate change, not false and misleading advertising by companies that are fuelling the emergency.  

“We would like Ad Standards to call out Adani’s self-serving greenwashing and make the company take those statements down.” 

EDO Managing Lawyer Kirsty Ruddock said: “Coal production and consumption is one of the major contributors to climate change and represents an existential threat to humanity and to nature. 

“UN Secretary-General António Guterres warned in June the world was on track to 2.8 degrees temperature rise by the end of the century if we don’t act quickly to end fossil fuel production. In his words, we are hurtling towards disaster, with eyes wide open. [5]   

“Greenwashing is dangerous because it delays action on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and undermines the genuine transition that we need.” 


[1] Ad Standards complaint re Bravus (Adani) website representations, 27-10-23 

[2] Bravus Australia website: For statements of most concern, see the list below. 

[3] See page 3 of the complaint. 

[4] See page 4 of the complaint. 

[5] Press Conference: United Nations Secretary-General 15 June 2023.  


ARRCC has asked Ad Standards to investigate whether the following statements, made on the Bravus Australia website, breach the Environmental Claims Code adopted by Australian Association of National Advertisers. 

  1. “Bravus is at the forefront of a global energy transition. Our Australian businesses produce and deliver energy solutions for a sustainable future, both here and around the world.” 
  1. “We are progressing the transition to a lower-carbon future.” 
  1. “We walk the talk on the energy transition.” 
  1. “We believe in uplifting future generations at the same time as we meet the challenge of climate change – and we are doing it now.” 
  1. “We are part of the global Adani Group. Together, our operations are progressing the global transition to a lower emissions future – and fast.” 
  1. “The Adani Group is the world’s largest multinational solar energy company.” 
  1. “We’re part of the world’s largest multinational solar energy company, the Adani Group.” 
  1. “We operate responsibly, with a demonstrated adherence to best practice safety, environmental and governance processes.” 
  1. “Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited, and Adani Transmission Ltd have committed to net zero carbon targets in line with the world’s leading decarbonisation framework, the Science-Based Targets initiative.” 


Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) is a multi-faith, member-based organisation of people from around Australia who are committed to taking action on climate change. Our members represent a variety of religious traditions. It believes people of all faiths should be at the forefront of creating a safe climate. While celebrating the uniqueness of our different traditions, we stand together in working for an ecologically and socially sustainable future. More. 


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