The Northern Territory Government’s decision to hit go on onshore gas production today before fully implementing the recommendations of the Pepper Inquiry is a breach of faith with Territorians.

The NT Government, when it lifted the moratorium on fracking, promised to implement all 135 recommendations of the government’s Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the NT (the Pepper Inquiry). [1]

As of today, the government has failed to deliver on 25% of those recommendations.[2]  

“The NT Government’s decision to invite applications for gas production in the Beetaloo before it has delivered all Pepper Inquiry recommendations is a violation of trust,” Environmental Defenders Office CEO David Morris said.

“Now the government has decided to allow full-scale development of onshore gas, it must ensure applications for gas production meet the highest environmental and cultural standards.

“We will do everything we can to ensure the plans of every company applying for a gas production licence is thoroughly scrutinised.

“Historically, the Northern Territory Government has had an appalling record as an environmental regulator.

“We will hold the government and resource companies to account every step of the way to ensure the interests of Traditional Owners and the environment are respected and protected.”


[1] Government accepts all recommendations of the inquiry, NT Government.

[2] NT Government failing ‘spectacularly’ on Pepper Review recommendations, EDO, 3-5-23.