Last month, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held a forum in far north Queensland on how to increase investment for nature-based solutions for climate change mitigation and action. 

On the third day, EDO client Jaragun hosted a field trip at their wetlands site on Wanjuru land South, of Gimuy/Cairns. 

Forum delegates were welcomed with traditional Wanjuru smoking ceremony and dance before hearing from scientific and investment partners. Our EDO NQ team, Managing Lawyer, Kirstiana Ward and solicitor, Naim Santoso-Miller were privileged to be invited and walk on Country, discussing the importance of wetland health and the connection to water quality improvements for the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding ecosystems. 

Jaragun’s 34-hectare wetland system is due to be built next year to improve water quality to the Great Barrier Reef.