We’ve lodged a legal complaint, on behalf of The Plains Clan of the Wonnarua People (PCWP) and Lock the Gate Alliance, with ACCC and ASIC against Glencore’s misleading claims on climate impact and its behaviour towards Traditional Owners under the Corporations Act 2001.  

Glencore operates 17 coal mines in Australia, making it Australia’s largest coal producer and biggest contributor to emissions from coal mining.  Glencore publicly claims to have decarbonisation plans in place, however EDO’s legal investigation found no evidence to support these claims.   

Glencore is in fact expanding its coal production, and its net zero claims may amount to harmful greenwashing.  

Lawyers from the London-based organisation ClientEarth have backed the action, writing to UK authority over the role of Glencore plc and urging them to coordinate with ASIC in a robust response. EDO lawyers have also lodged a legal complaint with Ad Standards on behalf of Comms Declare: Climate Crisis.

Plains Clan of the Wonnarua spokesperson Robert Lester said he had experienced first-hand how Glencore treated Traditional Owners with contempt when they dared to stand in the way of its mining projects.  

“Glencore’s behaviour towards Traditional Owners at its mines is anything but respectful,” Mr Lester said. “Glencore has personally attacked me and Scott – all because we dared defy this mining giant and demand that our Country and Cultural Heritage be saved from its damaging coal mine.” 

“With the urgency of the need to act on climate change, there is also a corresponding boom in greenwashing by companies to prove their climate credentials,” said Kirsty Ruddock, Managing Lawyer for EDO’s Safe Climate – Corporate and Commercial team.   

“Glencore’s new campaign declares that the coal giant is ‘laying the foundations for a low carbon future’. On the contrary, Glencore has active plans to dramatically expand coal production and keep digging Australian coal for decades to come.” 

“There are growing concerns over the environmental and social harm Glencore is causing in Australia.  As climate-fuelled disasters claim more lives and livelihoods, in Australia and globally, our clients are taking action over Glencore’s misleading climate claims.”