Real action on climate needs a Climate Act to legislate emissions reductions targets, along with monitoring and reporting and a new Climate Authority to oversee whole-of-government action.

The Environmental Defenders Office has joined forces with the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Queensland Conservation Council to release a new report outlining the many benefits that can be gained from legislating a solid governance framework to ensure Queensland does its bit to reduce emissions and therefore reduce the risks of dangerous climate change impacts.

A Climate Act sends a clear signal that the government is committed to action to reduce our emissions, which provides certainty and confidence for business and civil society, and helps to drive low-carbon investment and innovation and lower the cost of a just transition to a low-carbon economy. Through clear accountability mechanisms, a Climate Act can ensure Queensland proactively responds to climate change risk and reduces its greenhouse gas emissions across all sectors, consistent with the overarching aim of the Queensland Government’s climate change response.

“As Australia’s highest emitting jurisdiction, with emissions per person four times higher than China, Queensland has an obligation to take action now to reduce our emissions and ensure that climate change is incorporated into decisions of all sectors of the economy.”

A Climate Act for Queensland Report

Download our new report and learn the many benefits of a Climate Act for Queensland below.

Authorised by Revel Pointon, Managing Lawyer – Southern and Central Queensland, Environmental Defenders Office Ltd, 3/28 Donkin St, West End Qld 4101.

To be effective, a Climate Act must legislate:

  • Emissions reduction targets, along with interim targets to ensure we are on track to achieving those targets;
  • A new Climate Authority, based in Treasury, to provide objective, evidence-based and transparent information and advice to government and all sectors to advance emissions reduction targets and adaptation plans, and achieve a just transition to a low carbon economy;
  • Monitoring and reporting mechanisms on emissions across all sectors; and
  • An obligation on all decision makers to act consistently with emissions reductions targets, with reporting requirements.

A Climate Act that commits Queensland to limit its emissions to levels that are consistent with avoiding the worst impacts of global warming is in the interests of all Queenslanders and future generations.

As the stewards of the Great Barrier Reef and ancient biodiversity rich World Heritage forests, and the forefront of extreme weather across the state from drought to cyclones, and in the face of ineffective federal government action –

Queensland needs to be a global leader in taking serious climate action.

A Climate Act demonstrates we are serious and sets the framework for meaningful, accountable and transparent action.