Extinction is forever. Let’s not lose an Aussie icon to roadkill.

Tasmanian devils face extinction. But these endangered animals are at risk of becoming roadkill for mining profits.

Will you give our threatened wildlife a voice in court?

Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine is a refuge for Tasmanian devils in the wild, yet that population is increasingly under threat from disease and roadkill.

A mining company has been given the green light to truck iron ore through 112km of vital Tassie devil habitat at night.

We are going to Court on behalf of the Tarkine National Coalition to overturn this decision by the EPA which puts Tassie devils at greater risk of being wiped out completely.

Will you help us stand up for endangered wildlife in court?

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Tasmanian devils are a unique Australian marsupial not found anywhere else on earth.
These iconic animals face extinction.

Roaming by
roads at night

Devils are out and about at night, roaming up to 16km searching for food. They are attracted to roads because of other roadkill – a vicious cycle.

No match
for night trucks

Low to the ground and dark in colour, they don’t reflect in headlights and you are unlikely to see them if you’re going faster than 60km/hour.

This makes devils extremely vulnerable to being hit by trucks at night.

Our lawyers are in court to challenge a decision which puts endangered Tasmanian devils at risk of becoming roadkill.

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There are less than 17,000 Tasmanian devils left in the wild.

On top of a deadly facial tumour disease, they are already falling victim to Tasmania’s roadkill crisis.

On average, approximately one Tasmanian devil dies on the road every night.

Joeys in their pouches or dens become secondary victims.

The decision to allow night trucking through vital devil habitat is like a death-sentence for these endangered, nocturnal animals.

But with your support, we can challenge this decision in court.

Australia’s extinction crisis is escalating. We are losing our unique mammals faster than any other place on earth.

Not only is our government failing to act, they are fueling the crisis. Enormous power is afforded to mining companies while native wildlife is left to dwindle, and disappear.

It’s cases like this in the takayna / Tarkine that will determine the future of our unique threatened wildlife.

We can’t turn our backs on the Tasmanian devil and let it become an animal that lives only in storybooks.

Now is our chance to act before it’s too late.

Endangered (NSW, QLD, ACT)



Tasmanian devil

Critically Endangered

Swift parrot

That’s why EDO is taking legal action to challenge decisions that are pushing our threatened wildlife to the brink, like in the Tarkine.

On behalf of our clients, the Tarkine National Coalition, we will argue in the Tasmanian Supreme Court that the decision to allow iron ore to be trucked from an open cut mine along 112km of vital Tasmanian devil habitat at night was made unlawfully and should be rejected.

But we need your support.

If we don’t take legal action, decisions that threaten our endangered animals like Tasmanian devils would go ahead uncontested.

Your urgent support today is giving Australia’s wildlife the legal voice they desperately need.

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