This submission outlines:

  • Why charitable status and tax concessions are important to EDOs across Australia;
  • How environmental charity status and tax concessions provide public benefits;
  • Responses to Questions in Treasury’s Tax Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Reform Discussion Paper.

Overall we recommend that the Australian Government and Treasury:

  • Support a strong and efficient charity and DGR sector by maintaining existing taxation concessions for charities and donors;
  • Reject the proposal that all environmental organisations must divert at least 25-50% of tax-deductible donations to ‘environmental remediation works’, and related limitations targeting environmental organisations;
  • Continue to recognise the wide range of activities that contribute to local and systemic environmental outcomes in Australia and internationally – including environmental law and support services, advocacy, research, information, education, overseas capacity-building and local conservation work;
  • Support the ACNC to assist and regulate all charities (and many DGRs); and
  • Take opportunities for minor, well-planned changes to increase administrative efficiency and maintain the high level of public trust in DGRs and charities.