This is a submission to the Commonwealth Government on three proposals to improve harmful emissions from the transport sector: Better Fuel for Cleaner Air; Improving light vehicle efficiency; and Improving noxious emissions standards for light and heavy vehicles. 

We continue to support the adoption of stringent vehicle emissions and fuel quality standards. The Australian community deserves the environmental, public health and cost-of-living benefits of these improved standards. 

Our key recommendations are:

  • Fuel quality standards: EDOs of Australia supports  option D in the Government’s Discussion Paper.
  • Light vehicle efficiency (greenhouse gas): The target with the greatest emissions and fuel savings for vehicle owners (target A) should be chosen .  Earlier commencement and more stringent standards should also be considered.
  • Heavy vehicle efficiency standards: should also be considered (they are not addressed in the government’s proposals).
  • Noxious emissions standards: European standards should be adopted (option 6) to achieve the best health and environmental benefits. 
  • Other federal, state and local government measures are needed to reduce transport sector’s significant and growing greenhouse emissions.
  • The Fuel Tax Credit Scheme for diesel should also be independently reviewed on environmental, public health and budgetary grounds.
  • Future reviews to ensure continuous improvement are needed in legislation and policy, beginning well before 2025.