EDO has commented on the Queensland Government’s recently released ‘Future management of Lake Eyre Basin (Qld)’ policy proposal.

Unfortunately, we believe that:

  • the proposed policy falls far short of Government promises on this matter;
  • this process is significantly hindered through the failure to release the scientific risk assessment that should have formed the basis of this policy proposal;
  • the process for developing the policy has been deficient and demonstrably failed key stakeholders including Traditional Owners and pastoralists; and
  • the proposed policy is incongruent with consultation by the Government with key conservation sector representatives working on this matter with the Queensland Government over several years.

We ask that the Government urgently revise the proposed policy to ensure it meets the Government’s commitments by:

  • prohibiting petroleum wells, well pads, pipelines and associated roads on Channel Country rivers and floodplains by making all resource activities an ‘unacceptable use’ within an extended Designated Precinct;
  • extending the Designated Precinct to include former High Preservation Areas, Special Floodplain Areas and Floodplain Management Areas; and
  • releases the most recent scientific panel report that the Government has commissioned concerning the impacts of unconventional gas activities on rivers and floodplains of the Lake Eyre Basin.