EDO has made a submission to the Inquiry into the Australian Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This submission centres on the decision making and governance processes around COVID-19 which may expose risks of decisions, particularly around economic stimulus, being made in a way that does not centre on supporting the public interest over private interests and which may risk principles of good governance being flouted.

EDO lawyers have produced a list of principles to guide how national and sub-national governments and decision-makers should act during this unique time to ensure good governance processes and decision making in the public interest. Two of these principles are particularly important to Federal Government operations during this time and our submission looks at them in detail:

  • Principle 1: Laws passed for economic and social recovery must put us on a path to a safe and healthy climate and restore the natural environment
  • Principle2: Ensure environment protection, transparency and accountability standards are maintained or improved in economic stimulus measures.