In our new report, Implementing an effective independent Environmental Protection Agency in Queensland: Best practice environmental governance for environmental justice, EDO provides case studies relevant to environmental governance in Queensland, and calls for the Queensland Government to commit to implementing an independent EPA with strong governance arrangements and First Nations justice and environmental justice frameworks.

This Queensland specific report builds on our recently released national report, Implementing effective independent Environmental Protection Agencies in Australia: Best practice environmental governance for environmental justice, which makes nine key recommendations for how EPAs in Australia can be implemented and reformed to better protect the environment and human health, with a particular focus on achieving environmental justice.

Download the Queensland report below.

Panel Discussion

EDO hosted a panel discussion to further explore what strong environmental regulation by EPAs should involve, and why it is necessary to implement EPAs with a grounding in environmental justice and First Nations justice at national, state and territory levels for a healthy environment and healthy communities for all.  

Watch it here.