The Northern Territory (Territory) government recently released two draft bills for public
consultation (draft Bills):

– The Environment Protection Legislation Amendment (Mining) Bill; and

– The Legacy Mines Remediation Bill

These draft Bills are intended to deal with the environmental impacts of mining and propose to
completely overhaul how mining is regulated in the Territory.

To have your say about the NT’s proposed new mining Bills you can file submissions in relation to one or both Bills by 18 September 2023.

EDO lodged submissions in relation to each of these Bills on 18 September 2023. Copies of the submissions are available here

EDO’s policy experts have reviewed the draft Bills and identified elements that should be supported, and elements that should be strengthened. You can use these in your submissions and/or come up with your own ideas for supporting and strengthening the draft Bills.

In our Briefing Note we outline the big wins we see in the draft Bills, as compared with the current regulatory scheme. We also discuss the key shortcomings in the draft Bills and what we see as the biggest areas for improvement.

For a Guide to the Key Issues see the first 4 pages of our Briefing Note.

For more detail on each of these issues and an independent expert analysis of the draft Bills, read the full Briefing Note.