The Environmental Defenders Office has made a submission on the following environmental impact assessment (EIA) guidance documents that will support the implementation of the Environment Protection Act 2019 (NT) and Environment Protection Regulations 2020 (NT):

  • Referring a proposed action to the NT EPA (Referral Guidance);
  • NT EPA Environmental factors and objectives (Factors and Objectives Guidance).

The EDO regularly advises clients in relation to the existing framework for EIA in the Northern Territory and have engaged closely on the development of the Act. This submission follows detailed submissions we have made on the draft Environment Protection Bill and draft Environment Protection Regulations throughout 2018 and 2019.

Our comments on these documents focus primarily ensuring they are consistent with the Act, and are appropriate to support its robust administration, consistent with the intended outcomes of the reform process which has seen the fundamental overhaul of the framework for EIA and approval in the Northern Territory.