EDO NSW have many years experience engaging with water law and policy processes at both State and Commonwealth levels. We also have extensive experience advising a broad range of clients, including irrigators, community groups and peak conservation organisations, on NSW Water Management Act 2000, as well as the Water Act 2007 (Cth), Basin Plan and associated policies.

As we have consistently argued for improved metering and measurement of all extractions, greater transparency with respect to usage and account data and greater protection of environmental and low flows, we are pleased to see the issue of how to monitor and audit floodplain harvesting being addressed. 

As previously recommended we support developing a clear, evidence-based monitoring framework as a priority which will in turn assist with baseline data, compliance and enforcement.

This submission addresses:

  • Introduction: Key issues for effective floodplain harvesting regulation
  • Preconditions and baseline data
  • Determining a Monitoring approach
  • Monitoring floodplain take
  • Data recording and reporting
  • Verification, auditing, investigation and enforcement
  • Complementary issus: Environmental flows; Trading