What is this factsheet about?

This factsheet outlines information for communities concerned about Coordinated Projects.

Key Points

The key points are:                                                               

  • Coordinated Projects involve large and complex infrastructure (or mines) which generally have economic significance but also the potential for significant environmental impacts;
  • A declaration of a Coordinated Project will usually mean Queensland’s Coordinator-General will oversee the environmental impact assessment process;
  • After the assessment process, the Coordinator-General will release a detailed report. If the project is approved, conditions (such as offsets, or further monitoring) can be recommended which must be implemented by other Departments when deciding on final approvals; and
  • For Coordinated Projects, there are public submission rights during the environmental assessment stage and objection/appeal rights usually remain for the final approvals.

For more detailed information on Coordinated Projects relating to mining and coal seam gas projects (including associated infrastructure such as pipelines, ports, railway lines and electricity infrastructure) see EDO’s Community Guide to Mining and CSG law, available for purchase. Contact EDO Qld if you are still confused and are seeking to protect the environment.

This Factsheet is for general information purposes and is not legal advice. Important legal details have been omitted to provide a brief overview of this area of the law. If you require legal advice relating to your particular circumstances you should contact the EDO or your solicitor.