The Australian Panel of Experts on Environmental Law (APEEL) was comprised of experts with experience in environmental law, research, practice and design with the aim to set out a vision for environmental laws that ensure we have a healthy, functioning and resilient environment to benefit people for generations to come. EDO was a member of APEEL.

APEEL was convened by the Places You Love Alliance with the inaugural meeting of the Expert Panel held in November 2014. The Panel delivered its findings in mid-2017, publishing a series of reports and papers:

  1. Overview of the Future of Australian Environmental Laws
  2. Blueprint for the Next Generation of Australian Environmental Laws
  3. Recommendations for the Next Generation of Australian Environmental laws; and
  4. Technical Discussion Papers (compiled here), covering 8 topics:
  • Foundations of environmental law
  • Environmental governance
  • Terrestrial biodiversity conservation and natural resources management
  • Marine and coastal issues
  • Climate law
  • Energy regulation
  • The private sector, business law and environmental performance; and
  • Democracy and the environment.