It is an exciting time for climate policy in Australia. Legislation to establish a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target for Australia has been brought before the new Australian Parliament. The Climate Change Bill 2022  enshrines targets of reducing Australia’s net greenhouse gas emissions to 43% below 2005 levels by 2030, and to net zero by 2050.   

EDO has long called for emissions reduction targets to be established in law and this Bill is an important first step. 

The critical task of tackling climate change may begin, but does not end, with legislating targets. The targets are a starting point that will need to be strengthened in line with the science, and be designed to galvanise the range of necessary reforms needed to reduce the risks and impacts of a changing climate, set us on a path to sustainability, ensure a just transition for communities, and give our iconic environmental assets like the Great Barrier Reef a fighting chance of survival.  

There are many innovative and necessary solutions to the climate crisis and establishing strong national climate law is the foundation for success.  

EDO has developed a Roadmap for Climate Reform. Our Roadmap identifies 5 opportunities for Australia and makes 58 recommendations for the reform of Australian climate law. 

Opportunity 1: Climate Act now 
Opportunity 2: Provide clarity and certainty for business and community by charting a path to net zero   
Opportunity 3: Define leadership and responsibility for meeting targets  
Opportunity 4: Incentivise innovation and galvanise our energy transition  
Opportunity 5: Plan for and measure success

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