Australia is legally wiping out its unique wildlife

Incredible animals like the greater glider, koala and Tasmanian devil are being wiped out by rampant development, logging and mining. 

This destruction shouldn’t be legal. But it often is.

Our lawyers are fighting to fix our broken nature laws and take legal action to hold companies and governments to account over harm to threatened wildlife.

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Our wildlife is running out of time. The homes of endangered greater gliders are being cut down as you read this.

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Australia is a world leader in chopping down trees and wiping out animals

The greater glider, Australia’s largest gliding mammal, once ruled the treetops. But land clearing and climate change now threaten the survival of this iconic animal.

Gliders were upgraded from Vulnerable to Endangered on the Federal Government’s list of threatened species last year. But being a “protected animal” in Australia doesn’t mean you’re safe.

Logging of greater glider habitat is still occurring because outdated and flimsy laws are failing our even our most iconic threatened animals.

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