Environmental Defenders Office represents a diverse range of public interest clients.

Meet just a few of them.

EDO is representing Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action who are calling on the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in NSW to develop a climate change policy to regulate greenhouse gas pollutants.

“Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action has been really thrilled to work with the EDO on our landmark case against the EPA NSW. 

“Win or lose, the EDO is helping Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action protect Australians from worsening bushfire conditions.”

Jo Dodds, Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action

EDO lawyers represented Groundswell Gloucester in challenging a new coal mine just outside their beautiful town. In a landmark judgment, the Rocky Hill mine was rejected in court, for its impacts on the local environment, Aboriginal heritage, air quality, water and the social fabric – and for its climate change impacts.

“To say we were ecstatic is an understatement. None of this could have happened without the EDO. The guidance, patience, generosity, professionalism and caring attitudes of all who work with the EDO are legendary.

“The organisation is critical for social and environmental justice.”

Julie Lyford OAM -– Groundswell Gloucester Chair

EDO secured a win in the Federal Court for Humane Society International – Australia to stop the Queensland Government using baited drumlines to catch and kill 19 species of shark in a World Heritage listed site, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

“We could not do the work we do to protect animals without the outstanding policy and legal support we receive from the EDO. It was their tireless and tenacious legal expertise that won an end to shark culling in the Marine Park.

“We at HSI are full of admiration for the whole EDO team and many animals have much to thank them for too.”

Nicola Beynon – Humane Society International Australia

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Photo: Hammerhead shark on a baited hook HSI

EDO has been working with clients along the Murray-Darling / Barka for many years, advising farmers, Aboriginal peoples and many small communities to ensure compliance with water laws and protect the people, species and ecosystems that depend on healthy rivers.

“We’re fighting powerful organisations which simply are there for economic gain. There’s got to be a counterbalance and the EDO was that counterbalance for us.

“When we found the EDO, it was like a weight had lifted off our shoulders. There was someone who could help.”

Chris Lamey, Border Rivers farmer

EDO Outreach lawyers worked with Aboriginal communities in response to new state Cultural Heritage law reform proposals.

“We greatly appreciated the time EDO staff spent explaining how our ideas could be achieved in legislation.

“I think EDO, yet again, helped us believe that it IS possible to use the law in ways that will benefit NSW Aboriginal people.”

Wendy Spencer, Dhariwaa Elders Group Project Manager

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(Photo: Heritage-listed Aboriginal fish traps in the Barwon river Brewarrina)

The Environment Centre NT went to court with EDO and successfully challenged a permit for massive land-clearing at a Northern territory station.

“The Northern Territory environment is special, that’s why there is deep community concern when they hear about a proposal for deforestation on such a large scale.

“It’s imperative that we have strong laws about deforestation and climate change alongside more open process in making environment assessments.”

Shar Molloy, Director of the Environment Centre NT

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(Photo: Maryfield litigation team Barrister James Hutton, Gillian Duggin EDO, Shar Molloy, barrister Peter Bellach)

EDO worked with the Kuranda community in far north Queensland to secure the rejection of a huge ‘eco-resort’ development adjacent to the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

“We thank our community who have fought so hard over three and a half years against this monstrosity on our doorstep.

“Environmental Defenders Office have been a bedrock of information and support to us. It has been very reassuring to have them in the background, always ready to advise.”

Steven Nowakowski of KUR-Alert Inc


Photo: Endangered Southern Cassowary