Watch the video with lawyers from our Safe Climate team to learn about the legal challenges to the Mount Pleasant coal mine and Beetaloo Basin gas fracking and find out what a win could mean for our climate. 

The case to stop NSW’s largest open-cut coal mine 
Kirsty Ruddock, Managing Lawyer, Safe Climate  
The Mount Pleasant mine expansion in the Upper Hunter will release 876 million tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, pollute the town’s air with toxic particles and threaten the survival of a rare species of legless lizard. 

Court challenge to fracking in the Beetaloo Basin 
Emma Buckley Lennox, Solicitor, Safe Climate 
Opening the Beetaloo up for gas production is incompatible with a safe climate. By approving an environment plan for exploration, the NT Government has laid the grounds for future fracking production potentially involving thousands of fracking wells to be drilled and fracked across the heart of the Territory.  

Court cases like this will determine the future of our climate. But critical legal action can take years to win, and our lawyers rely on the support of dedicated people like you to see it through.  

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