Our Management Committee

EDOs of Australia is governed by a Managing Committee made up of Directors or Principal Solicitors from each of the EDO Offices around Australia:

  • Camilla Taylor, Principal Solicitor EDO ACT
  • Sue Higginson, CEO/Principal Solicitor EDO NSW
  • David Morris, Principal Lawyer and Executive Office EDO Northern Territory
  • Jo Bragg, CEO EDO Queensland
  • Tania Heber, Principal Solicitor EDO Northern Queensland
  • Melissa Ballantyne, Principal Solicitor EDO South Australia
  • Jess Feehely, Principal Solicitor EDO Tasmania
  • Patrick Pearlman, Principal Solicitor EDO Western Australia

EDO Boards or management committees are elected at annual general meetings each year. Board and management committee members all work on a voluntary basis to maintain the values, integrity, independence and professionalism of EDO offices around Australia.