The Environmental Defenders Office is seeking suitably qualified people, a collective of people or an organisation to assist in the program design of our Justice, Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Program. The work will occur via a short-medium term (approx. 3-month) consultancy arrangement. 

Location: Can be completed from anywhere in Australia. 

Process: By EOI closing 1st December 2020

Potential suppliers should contact the EDO before commencing any work and arrange a time to speak with the CEO and Co-Chairs of our JEDI working group. You will be supplied with the Terms of Reference for the consultancy at this time.

Please contact EA to the CEO [email protected]. In the first instance.

Potential suppliers will be assessed by the EDO against the criteria outlined in the “you are” section of this invitation to tender. 

We are: 

The Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) is an environmental law practice operating in the Australia Pacific Region. Our vision is a world where nature thrives. We seek to achieve that vision by providing legal solutions for peoples, nature and our climate. We are the largest organisation of our kind in the region. The EDO has a presence in every capital city in Australia and a network of clients and partner organisations throughout the Pacific. In late 2019, the eight pre-existing EDOs merged to form a single regional EDO to provide a formidable public interest law presence in the environmental space in the region. 

The JEDI Program:

The intention of the JEDI Program is to build an organisation where everyone in our EDO community feels they belong. This encompasses both who we are and how we act. EDO believes in the benefit of embodying the values and principles of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion and understands that environmental justice is inextricably linked to those principles. EDO needs to reflect the community in which we operate. We know this makes us stronger as an organisation and allows EDO to provide the best advocacy, representation and access to justice.

EDO has defined JEDI as following:

Justice  – being able to engage and participate in transparent and fair decision making and legal processes. This means empowering those most impacted by these decisions and processes. Further, the history of colonisation in Australia and across the Pacific, and its continued manifestations, requires us, as we undertake our work, to understand the region’s true history, First Nations’ sovereignty and the central role First Nations and indigenous peoples play in the protection and restoration of nature.   

Equity  –  equitable treatment and access to resources, support and representation for all members of our EDO community. 

Diversity  – recognising that each individual is unique and that their differences are positive and add important perspectives.  

Inclusion  – a feeling of belonging. Inclusion is being part of an EDO community where you feel that you can be yourself, that your voice is heard and that you are empowered.  

The Role:

We are looking for an expert or experts in implementation of JEDI principles and policies across an organisation.   EDO takes a broad interpretation of JEDI principles including, but not limited to, inclusion around race and culture, gender, LGBTQI+ and disability.  The program will develop both internal and public-facing policies and strategies.

The consultant will be responsible for advising EDO on the development and implementation of its JEDI policy and strategy, and in particular, providing the following key deliverables:  

  1. Reviewing EDO’s draft JEDI policy and related policies and making recommendations for strengthening those policies. 
  2. Developing and drafting EDO’s JEDI strategy, including training, recruitment and communications.
  3. Preparing a strategic report  that will inform and guide the implementation of the strategy, including baselining of diversity in the EDO community.

You are:

The JEDI program is a key component of our organisation’s future. As such, we are looking for a consultant(s) with:

  • Creativity, vision and a passion for the work of the EDO.  
  • A deep commitment to JEDI principles and knowledge of contemporary thinking around JEDI issues relating to both internal organisational and individual reflection, and external engagement with the EDO community.
  • Experience in best-practice implementation of JEDI principles and policy in an organisation.
  • The ability to think clearly and originally about the opportunity for the EDO in designing the program. 
  • Strong analytical skills to gather and organise information and resources, compile and prepare data, and synthesise knowledge from diverse sources of information.  
  • Experience working with not-for-profit organisations. (desirable)
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a diverse range of stakeholders. 
  • Working knowledge of community legal centres and/or other access to justice organisations. (desirable)

Expected scope and duration of assignment:  

EDO estimates that the consultant will be required for a minimum of 15 FTE days in 2020/21 Financial Year. The ultimate duration of the Project and timelines for output delivery will be determined by agreement between the EDO and the consultant(s). 

Fees: By agreement with the EDO.