Help us become a formidable force for justice

Together, we are creating a new national organisation of expert lawyers and scientists, standing up for nature against the vested interests of polluting big business and other environmental vandals.

Help us defend the people, places, plants and animals we all love, right across Australia, by making a donation to our Environmental Defence Fund.


In late 2019, the eight Environmental Defenders Offices around the country – from Cairns to Hobart, Sydney to Perth – united to launch a single, stronger, national Environmental Defenders Office.

This is a game-changer, and not a moment too soon.

So many of our unique Australian wild creatures are under threat or facing extinction, landclearing is occurring at an alarming rate, and now global warming is really starting to bite, with our climate crisis playing out in droughts and bushfires across the country.

But the law is a powerful tool in the fight for environmental protection, and there is no one better placed to wield it than the new, united Environmental Defenders Office.

By making a gift to our Environmental Defence Fund, you will help us build up to become the largest environmental public interest law organisation in the Asia-Pacific region – a formidable force for justice.

Our oceans and waterways are dying from pollution and mismanagement. The forests and bushland essential to the survival of our unique animals and plants are being bulldozed with reckless abandon.

But there is hope – and it lies in everyday people using the law to hold companies and decisionmakers to account, to fight for better environmental outcomes, and to ensure our climate, water, wildlife and communities are safe and protected.

Now more than ever it’s absolutely vital that our expert lawyers are on the ground to give individuals and communities a voice and a chance to battle it out in the Courts. And we have a plan to do it.

Coming together as one Environmental Defenders Office will allow us to turbo-charge our impact and drive change on a national scale, whilst keeping our community roots deep in the ground.

With the help of generous people like you, we’ll empower even more people to protect the places, people, plants and animals they love – right across the country.

As we go national, we’ll use our most powerful tools – litigation, law reform, education and the best available science – to take on dangerous fossil fuels developments right across the continent, defend our precious forests and wild places, and stand up for human rights and public health.

That’s why we need to build a funding base that is totally independent and flexible, so we can direct our resources where they’re most needed, without fear or favour.

Your generous donation to our Environmental Defence Fund will help us do just that. Thank you!