Environmental Defenders Office has released a report assessing the green claims of several of the largest car companies in Australia.

Our investigation found misleading and deceptive claims to be widespread. In fact, almost all major automobile manufacturers make representations that raise greenwashing concerns. Greenwashing claims relating to hybrids and plug-in hybrids are the most common.

Download the report to see the car brands most actively greenwashing and learn what to look out for when making the switch to a cleaner, greener car. 

Download the report

Greenwashing isn’t just a harmless branding tactic – it is holding us back from cutting carbon pollution and fixing the climate crisis. 

This is the critical decade to tackle climate change. Yet greenwashing keeps money flowing into polluting vehicles well past their use-by date, undermining genuine efforts to tackle the climate crisis.

You have the right to accurate and honest information about the environmental impact of the next car you buy. When a company makes misleading claims about its environmental credentials, it exploits people’s desire to make sustainable choices. 

That’s why we must use the law to intervene. Environmental Defenders Office is the largest environmental legal centre in the Australia Pacific. We run groundbreaking court cases to hold Australia’s biggest polluters to account on climate and design better laws to tackle the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.

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