By becoming an Environmental Defender with a monthly gift, you are using the power of the law to save our threatened wildlife, water, communities and climate.

Australia’s environment is in crisis.

Our unique mammals, like the greater glider and koala, are going extinct faster than anywhere in the world as more critical habitat is cleared for development and mining.

Water is our most precious resource, but it is being polluted and over-extracted by big industry, threatening communities from remote areas to the cities.

Floods, bushfires, droughts – communities and wildlife are already living through the impacts of the climate crisis. Yet right now there are more than 100 major coal and gas projects under development in Australia.


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Together, we can hold big polluters to account and turn the climate and extinction crises around.

By becoming an Environmental Defender, you will help take companies to court that breach the law and cause serious environmental harm.

You will help step in when governments fail to enforce laws designed to protect people and nature, and side with big business.

The law is our best tool to protect wildlife and ensure the safe climate we all deserve.

But we can’t do it without you.

Become an Environmental Defender and be the legal voice for Australia’s wildlife, climate and communities.

Game-changing legal action like this doesn’t happen overnight.

By committing to a monthly gift, you’re helping to defend the environment using the law at every step – from investigating breaches of law, to filing and running groundbreaking cases, to building trust in the community – EDO is a powerful force for justice securing legal wins for our climate and wildlife.

As an Environmental Defender, you will help:

  • Take the biggest polluters and environmental destroyers to court, enforcing the laws that are designed to protect nature.
  • Take legal action to keep coal and gas in the ground and protect Australia from even more extreme impacts of the climate crisis.
  • Take legal action against developments that pollute or damage freshwater, protecting our drinking and farming water.
  • Defend World Heritage rainforests, globally significant wetlands, and other fragile ecosystems from mass developments and mining projects.

Environmental Defenders are the lifeblood of the legal defence for nature.

With as little as 65c a day, you can ensure our fragile wildlife and climate has a lawyer on its side, standing up to the big polluters and environmental wreckers in court, where it counts.

About EDO

Driven by dedicated supporters like you, Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) is the largest environmental legal centre in the Australia-Pacific, dedicated to protecting our climate, communities and shared environment by running groundbreaking legal cases, leading law reform and providing access to justice.

Defending the environment with and on behalf of First Nations peoples, community groups and individuals in the highest courts
Holding government and industry to account over matters like development, pollution, and environmental destruction.
Designing and advocating for stronger state and federal environmental laws to protect our environment and native species.