Residents of Bulga, NSW, celebrate after their court victory stopping a coal mine expansion

 “Determined to save our village from a coal mine expansion, the Association secured the services of the EDO NSW to prepare an appeal. This started a relationship which achieved a landmark case in the Land and Environment Court by overturning the approval."

John Krey, President,  Bulga Milbrodale Progress Association, Hunter Valley, NSW

 “If we hadn’t found EDO, we couldn’t have done it. The courts are a foreign place and speak a foreign language.”

 Semi-retired grazier, John Greacen, who joined landholders near Pratten in successfully opposing a proposed feedlot on the Condamine floodplain, in central Queensland.

  “As a community run, not-for-profit association... we have not had a budget to engage commercial legal professionals and it is extremely difficult to recruit in-kind legal services... The importance of practical, professional legal support is vital for community organisations to achieve good governance. ”

 Chris Johns, President, Southern Coastcare Association of Tasmania

  “The EDO knowledge and efficiency not only was instrumental in getting the right outcome but it was also a great saving to the public and private purses of all the individuals and organisations involved.

 Craig Baulderstone, President, Woodcutters Road Environment Protection Association, S.A.

 When community members were anxious about how to proceed, EDO Tasmania provided clear explanations about possible legal options and opportunities for community input into the assessment process. EDO Tasmania helped to guide us through the various submission processes, identified key issues and liaised with expert witnesses to address those issues.”

Jane MacDonald, former Communication Coordinator for Save Ralphs Bay Inc, Tasmania

 “Small communities such as ours do not have the knowledge or necessary resources to buy in the expertise to achieve an even playing field with well-funded, well connected and powerful developers.  EDO NSW has provided access to justice for our community and has held decision makers to account.

 Suzanne Whyte, Catherine Hill Bay Progress Association, NSW