Help lead the fight for climate justice

The public cry for leadership on climate has never been louder, with more than 80% of Australians from across the political spectrum calling for strong action.

Will the government provide the leadership we need on climate change? If not, it’s up to us.

We stand ready to lead the legal fight for climate justice – in court with our clients, in our law reform work, and out in the community.

We will ensure all governments obey and enforce our environmental laws, and work to improve them.

But we can’t do it without you.

Join us to help power the legal fight for climate justice

Your support helps us take on the most important challenges of our time—and stick with them until we win.

Our future is too important to leave up to politics – and we don’t plan to.

For decades we have used the law to fight and win critical environmental and climate battles, no matter who is in government.

In every major environmental battle over the last 30 years from the Tarkine to the Kimberley, EDO lawyers have provided crucial legal expertise to communities defending our wild places, our climate, and our future.

We challenge Adani in court on behalf of the community, provide top-shelf legal representation to farmers and Traditional Owners fighting dangerous coal and uranium mines, and lead the legal fight to save icons like the Great Barrier Reef and Murray-Darling Basin.

We empower communities with the legal firepower they need to hold the decision-makers, mining companies, and big developers to account.

At the same time we work collaboratively with governments across the political spectrum on critical law reforms, and challenge them to enforce our environmental laws when they fail to do so.

Whether we are working with governments or taking them on, the result is the same – a healthier, cleaner, and safer community and climate.

Across Australia, the EDOs are the legal line of defence against governments and corporations who break our environmental laws and put our communities and climate at risk.

Because it doesn’t matter who is in power – no person, corporation or government is above the law.

It is a fundamental part of our democracy, and a powerful safeguard for times when governments fail us and corporations do the wrong thing.

In the weeks, months, and years to come the our expert environmental lawyers will lead the legal fight for climate justice and safer communities.  

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