Coastal Marine & Fisheries Management

Submission on draft management plans for Australian Marine Parks that are managed by Parks Australia
September 2017

Inquiry into shark mitigation and deterrent measures
March 2017
[PDF 278 KB]

Submission on the Productivity Commission Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture Inquiry: Draft Report
October 2016
[PDF 133 KB]

Submission on the reports of the independent Commonwealth Marine Reserves Review
October 2016
[PDF 400 KB]

Submission on Marine Reserves Review
31 March 2015
[PDF 476 KB]

Submission on The Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan
27 October 2014
[PDF 224 KB]

ANEDO submission on streamlining of environmental approvals for offshore petroleum 
20 December 2013
[PDF 487 KB]

Submission on Strategic assessment by NOPSEMA terms of reference 
13 September 2013
[PDF 496 KB]

Submission on review of Commonwealth Fisheries Management Legislation
2 November 2012
[PDF 262 KB]

Submission on the Coral Sea Commonwealth marine reserve proposal
29 February 2012
[PDF 221 KB]

Submission on the Commonwealth marine reserves network proposal and draft Marine Bioregional Plan for the Temperate East Marine Region
21 February 2012
[PDF 271 KB]

Submission on the Inquiry into climate change and environmental impacts on coastal communities
7 June 2008 
[PDF 805 KB]