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Our climate is in crisis. We need you at the frontline of the legal fight. Will you join us?

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Climate change is here.
It’s not a future threat.

Australians and our wildlife are paying the ultimate price for the climate inaction of policymakers.

We’ve stood in front of bushfires and we know the next one is just around the corner. It is blindingly clear that climate change is endangering the lives, homes, businesses and jobs of ordinary people and our policymakers aren’t doing enough.


Families have been left standing in the ashes of our governments failures on climate action.

We’ve lost homes and people have lost their lives from devastating bushfires. We know the government focuses on the cost involved to excuse their inaction on decreasing greenhouse gas emissions but if we don’t act, then it’s my home or my neighbours’ home that will be lost. We’re the ones paying instead.

Jo Dodds, President of the Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action

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The cost of climate inaction is heavy and being paid by ordinary Australians, with homes turned to ash or engulfed by rising floodwaters. Bushfire survivors have been standing on the front lines, fighting to save their homes.

We cannot rely on politicians to act without the compulsion of law.

We need to take climate action out of politics and put it in the courts where science is taken seriously.

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You can help power the legal fight against the climate crisis in the courts where science is accepted.

Bushfire Survivors
for Climate Action
landmark legal win

The ‘Black Summer’ bushfires of 2019-20 served as a stark warning to all Australians that the dire consequences of climate change have arrived.

Despite the deafening ‘wake-up call’ of these fires to those with the power and responsibility to curb emissions, our government has not taken immediate action and continued to deny or downplay the impacts of climate change.

On behalf of Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action, EDO took the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to court.

For the first time, an Australian court has allowed evidence on climate change to be heard in a case involving an alleged failure by a government agency to perform a statutory duty. EDO argued that the EPA has a duty to develop policies, objectives and guidelines to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and protect NSW communities from the impacts of climate change.

In a landmark decision, the NSW Land and Environment Court ruled that the NSW EPA has a duty to take serious action on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, and significantly, made orders that it comply with this duty.

It’s the first time an Australian court has ordered a government agency to take action on climate change.

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The time for
climate action
is now.

We need you at the legal frontline to push even further to save our environment from the ravages of climate change.

When we work
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