Mining & Coal Seam Gas

Submission to Senate Inquiry into oil and gas production in the Great Australian Bight
1 April 2016
[PDF 675 KB]

Submission to the Senate’s Unconventional Gas Mining Inquiry    

14 March 2016
[PDF 437 KB]

Submission on the Landholders Right to Refuse (Gas and Coal) Bill   
29 May 2015
[PDF 667 KB]

Submission on the Draft National Harmonised Regulatory Framework for Coal Seam Gas 2012    
28 February 2013
[PDF 945 KB]

Inquiry into the Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Independent Expert Scientific Committee on Coal Seam Gas and large Coal Mining Development) Bill 2012
26 April 2012
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Discussion Paper 4 – Treatment of new waste coal mine gas power generation in the RET and Discussion Paper 5 – the treatment of "Solar Credits” Renewable Energy Certificates under the RET 
28 January 2010
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Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Offshore Petroleum Amendment (Greenhouse Gas Storage) Bill 2008 & 3 related Bills
12 August 2008 
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Submission on the draft Offshore Petroleum Amendment (Greenhouse Gas Storage) Bill
27 June 2008 
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