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Australian Environmental Organisations 

Australian Environment Directories 

The Green Pages
GreenNet Australia (an Australian environment organisation network)

Organisations with a National Focus

Alternative Technology Association of Australia
Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants
Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance Inc
Australian Conservation Foundation
Australian Koala Foundation
Australian Network for Plant Conservation
Australian Rainforest Conservation Society
Australian Student Environment Network
Birds Australia: BA Nest
Clean Ocean Foundation
Clean Up Australia
Earth Repair Foundations
Ecological Society of Australia Inc.
Environment Business Australia
Friends of the Earth Australia
Greening Australia
Greenpeace Australia
Humane Society International
Indigenous Flora and Fuana Association (I.F.F.A.)
International Riverfoundation
Landcare Australia
Marine and Coastal Community Network
Mineral Policy Institute
The Oceania Project: Caring for Whales, Dolphins and the Oceans
OzGreen: Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (Australia) Inc.
RSPCA Australia Inc.
Sustainable Population Australia (formerly ASEP)
Urban Ecology Australia
Waterwatch Australia: Communities Caring for Catchments
Western Conservation Alliance
The Wilderness Society (Australia)
The Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia
WWF Australia

State and Territory Organisations 

Australian Capital Territory

Canberra Organic Growers Society Inc.

New South Wales

Animal Liberation NSW
Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs NSW 
Critical Mass Sydney 
Friends of the Earth - Sydney 
National Parks Association of New South Wales (NPA) 
Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales 
Total Environment Centre

Northern Territory

Environment Centre of Northern Territory
Friends of Kakadu Home Page


Brisbane Rainforest Action and Information Network (BRAIN) 
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 
Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council 
Queensland Conservation Council 
Save Our Riverfront Bushland (SORB) 
Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland 

South Australia

Critical Mass Adelaide 
Land Care South Australia 
Trees for Life
Wildlife Welfare Organisation of South Australia Inc 


Burnie Field Naturalist Club 
Five Rivers Watch 
Tasmanian Environment Centre Inc.
Doctors for Native Forests


Index of Victorian Community Environment Groups
Environment Victoria
Friends of Bass Valley Bush Inc Landcare Group
Friends of Local Koalas, Land and Wildife - Mornington Peninsula

Friends of Merri Creek 
Friends of the Earth (Fitzroy) Inc.
Friends of the Grampians - Gariwerd Inc.
The Goongerha Environment Centre (GECO) 
The Green Club 
Greenlink Box Hill 
Hazardous Materials Action Group (HAZMAG) 
Monash Environment Group
National Trust of Victoria
Northern Victoria and Southern Riverina Conservation and Environment Site
Otway Ranges Environment Network
Permaculture Melbourne Inc
Port Phillip Conservation Council
Victorian Federation of Bushwalking Clubs
Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA)
Waterwatch Victoria
Western Region Environment Centre
Wildlife Victoria Inc.

Western Australia

Western Australia Conservation Council Index of Members
Conservation Council of Western Australia (Inc.)
Critical Mass Perth
Environs Kimberley
Men of the Trees (W.A.) Inc.
Western Australia Forest Alliance
Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia
Gaia Foundation of Western Australia















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